Saturday, August 11, 2012

If History Repeats It's Self Follow Up:Beam

When I first posted this post, I wasn't expecting anything, due to the un-predictable nature of the beam, people fall off all the time, even the best competitors make mistakes on beam.

However, history had a say, and this is what it predicted...
Sui Lu- Twentieth
Yao Jinnan- Fourteenth
Jordyn Wieber- Eleventh

How they actually did in London
Sui Lu-Silver
Yao Jinnan-Fifty-First
Jordyn Wieber-Twelfth

Again, when I look ahead, I'm not expecting much! Let's take a look...
Our 2015 World Beam Champion may place- Eleventh
Our 2015 World Beam Silver Medalist may place-Thirty-Third
Our 2015 World Beam Bronze Medalist may place- Twelfth
Look ahead for the last part, floor!!

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