Friday, August 10, 2012

If History Repeats It's Self Follow Up:Bars

Next up on our list, Bars!  This year's final was great, but were the results predicted?  Let's look at history to tell us the answer, and what our 2011 podium winners could have predicted going in!

What history told them they would place...
Viktoria Komova-Fourth
Tatiana Nabieva-Fourth
Huang Quishuang-Seventh

How they actually placed...
Viktoria Komova- Fifth
Huang Quishuang- Seventh (Prelims)
Tatiana Nabieva did not make the Russian Team

Ironically, history told bronze medalist Quishuang she would place seventh, but did not get the opportunity to improve that standing due to the "two-per-country" rule.

Looking ahead to 2016, if we add these placements to the already established averages, we can say...
The 2015 World Bars Champion may place- 5th
The 2015 World Silver Medalist may place- Around 4th*
The 2015 World Bronze Medalist may place- 7th

*We can't add to the averages due to the fact Tatiana didn't compete in London, so we don't have a place for the silver medalist.  I just posted the existing average*

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