Thursday, August 2, 2012

Top 3 AA Hopes

I am missing the AA final tomorrow while I am at work.  Annoyed is an understatement right now.  
So, while I should be asleep so I wake up, I am going to share my top 3 AA hopes for tomorrow.  Share your opinions with me, I'd love to hear them!  This is what I hope to happen, not what I think will.

1. Aly to kill it.
Aly has been a huge favorite of mine, sentimentally.  She trained at the same gym as Alicia, which earns her points in the awesome category, she lives near me(4 hours but that is relatively close!), and every since her debut out of nowhere at American Cup, near her hometown, in 2010, she has been getting better and better, and I can't help but not cheer this amazing, and unappreciated gymnast!

2. Dougie to medal.
I think the US has a really strong chance of winning 2 AA medals.  Gabby is such a strong competitor, and much like Aly, she really burst onto the scene in a large way at the American Cup.  Not to mention, she trains under my favorite coach, Chow.  I really want this medal for her, as well as Chow.  He has done wonders for her, and I'm sure Chow is happy he took this gymnast in, that late in her career.

3. Musty to show the world that injuries do not slow anyone down.
I have to admit, I wasn't the biggest Mustafina fan until yesterday.  I had respect for her as a gymnast and her accomplishments, but I never liked her as a favorite gymnast.  That was until yesterday when Musty hugged all of her team-mates, and acted as a wonderful leader, gymnast, and human.  Also, I have so much respect for her quick recovery from such a serious injury, and as an injury prone teen, I want her to show the world nothing can stop her, not even a potentially career ending injury.

Have fun watching tomorrow, I have to wait until Prime Time, but trust me, I'll find out who won:)

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