Thursday, August 9, 2012

If History Repeats It's Self: All Around

Just like I did with TF, I'm going to compare how history and math based averages and predictions to how they actually did in London, as well as look ahead to Rio, and how our future World AA Champion's chances look, going into Rio!
Based on history, our AA medalists from Tokyo were predicted to place like this in London....
Jordyn Wieber-Silver
Viktoria Komova-Seventh
Yao Jinnan-Eighth
Take those predictions and compare them to how they actually placed...
Jordyn Wieber-Fourth (Qualification)
Viktoria Komova-Silver
Yao Jinnan-22nd
This year's Olympics were crazy, and now lets see how that effects our future world champions in 2015!
Our World Champion will place- Bronze
Our Silver Medalist will place- Fifth
Our Bronze Medalist will place- Fifteenth
This just goes to show what can happen in a year! Here's to an awesome four years of wondering:)

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