Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Olympic Team Final: List

So, the Fierce Five did it.  They won the first OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL in 17 years, with Russia taking the silver after a rough day, and Romania took the bronze.  To be honest, this list will be VERY USA-Russia centered, because I wasn't allowed to take off of work to watch it live, and resulted to watching it on NBC replay, so I'll be going off of what I see.
I'm just making a list, and I'll explain and add on to later, when I'm not deliriously tired from softball, similar to the way I did for my wish list.

  1. The Fierce Five went 12 for 12
  2. Russia capitalized their amazingness on bars and showed that they own that event
  3. Floor REALLY killed Russia!
  4. McKayla deserved the first perfect score of the new system
  5. I wish Jo did AA, but I know it was for the best of the team
  6. Gabby really proved to everyone why she was in the beam lineup
  7. Aly proved that she is a serious contender for FX gold, as well as AA medal
  8. China dropped from 1st to off the podium in 5th
  9. Canada placed 5th in their first TF appearance, showing great hope for the future
  10. I love Victoria Moors, and her epic underscored floor routine (This isn't really new news but I saw it last night and wanted to point that out)

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