Monday, August 5, 2013

Interview with Alexis Beucler

Last year, at just 14 years old, Alexis "Poof" Beucler started making waves as Mary Lee Tracy's newest junior elite.  Not competing elite this year after moving to Brandy Johnson's, I was able to ask Lex a couple of questions about CGA< Mary Lee Tracy, Brandy Johnson's and her plans for the future!

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1. What was your experience at Cincinnati Gymnastics Academy from when you arrived in 2008 until the end of the 2012 elite season?

I came in and worked with a lot of the coaches as I moved up levels and I made friends with the girls. I worked really hard to make the goals I had set for myself. The coaches always told me what a hard worker I was.

2. At what point did you know it was time to move gyms?

When I noticed a change in my desire and passion for my gymnastics and I knew I still loved it and needed to be at a place where it would be more positive for me.

3. I think a lot of people are confused about the petition Mary Lee created and how it effects you this season now that you are no longer training there.  Can you explain what the petition said and how it still effects you now. 

Mary lee sent in a petition to USA gymnastics then they confirmed the petition and since it was approved they would not reverse it. So now I have to wait and re-qualify.  

4. What was your experience competing elite like? What did you learn from it?

It was very exciting and having the audience start clapping to the beat of your floor routine was amazing. 
I learned that you can set goals for yourself and just stay focused throughout the competition and you can make them. 

5. How hard is it to live away from home? What helps you when you get homesick?

It helps having FaceTime, texting and calling...I can always talk with my family. 

6. How did you chose Brandy Johnson's? What factors influenced your decision?

The coaching style and the girls were super nice and everyone made me feel like part of the team right away.

7. How are Brandy's coaching style different from Mary Lee's? Is Brandy's style work better for you?

More positive coaching style and it definitely is a great thing for me.

8.  Is it hard going into the gym everyday knowing you won't be competing this year? Is your training as intense since you won't be competing?

No because I still have the same goal so I want to be there.  My training isn't as intense but I'm still working hard to get upgrades so I'm ready.
9. Are there any upgrades or planned upgrades you can tell me about?
Coming to a new gym has been great cause it has given me a chance to develop skills that I never thought I would even try. I'm working upgrades on all events.

10. Have you started looking into colleges? Do you have any places in mind?
Yes I have made visits and have offers and I will be making a decision soon. 
(She is now verbally committed to University of Georgia!)

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I wish Alexis a lot of luck next season!  I can't wait to watch her on the competition floor again, and hope she has a lot of luck at Brandy Johnson's and at the University of Georgia! All the best Poof!

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