Sunday, August 5, 2012

Best vaulter in the World!

The vault final happened today an there were several shockers!! Let's take a look at them!

The obvious one was the de-throneing of McKayla Maroney. In these Olympics where nothing occurred the way we thought, the one thing we figured would happen was Maroney taking the title that I and many people believed she deserved. In mine, and many other people's, heart, she is still the best vaulter in the world. When you lose by .1 with a fall, there is no doubt you are the best. It stinks for her, she hasn't missed a vault since 2009, and has a 96 percent hit rate, as Bekah found out on her tumblr.

All year, I knew that if anyone had a shot to overtake Maroney, it would be Sandra Izbasa. However, I didn't think it would happen. She went out and hit solid vaults, and today she was the better vaulter. Last quad, she took the gold out of the favorite's hands as the last competitor on floor, and this year, she did the same on vault. I guess she likes the last spot or something.

Maria BeeFarm stepped off of the mats and nearly on to the camera on her amanar, which clearly should not have been credited as an amanar. Her second vault was pretty clean, but she was clearly over scored.

Sad swan song for Oksana Chusovitinia, who finished in 5th in her last Olympic final ever. I was really rooting for her, and the sport of gymnastics will surely miss her!

In good news, Pena didn't die! She didn't land it, but she didn't die!!

One gymnast did get a 0 this year and (shockingly) it wasn't Pena! Ellie Black of Canada landed head/knees firsthand injured her ankle on the first vault. She tried to do her next vault, but aborted it halfway down the runway. I am unsure how her ankle is at the moment, but she was icing it, but it didn't look good.

So that's that! You can watch it prime time tonight on NBC replay.

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