Thursday, August 9, 2012

If History Repeats It's Self: Follow Up TF

The first six posts I did, I used history to determine how the 2011 World medalists would do in London.  Now that we know how they did in London, I'm going to see how that will affect the future 2015 World medalists!
This one is for the team finals!!
Based on history, the averages told me that the podium from 2011 would place like this...
USA- Silver
Russia- Gold
China- Fifth
Compared to how they actually placed...
USA- Gold
China- Fourth
Now the fun part, seeing how the eventual 2015 podium will do in Rio!
I'm not going to type up the whole list again, so check out the original post here!
To do this, I'm taking averages of the places each spot on the podium did the following year.
In 2016, based on math...
The World Champion Team will place-Silver
The Silver Medal Team will place- Silver
The Bronze Medal Team will place- Fifth
Interestingly enough, Gold and Silver medalists had the same average to the tenth, 1.5, which is why they both are ranked at silver.  I guess we'll have to wait until 2016 to see how this all really works out.

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