Thursday, June 28, 2012

If History Repeats It's Self: Part 5, Beam

Let's apply the same rules for beam.  I am expecting absolutely nothing with this round, because of the fact with beam, falls are much more common.  Let's do this just for fun.
Tianjin 1999
Gold-Ling Jie [CHN]
Silver-Andreea Raducan [ROM]
Bronze-Olga Roshupkina [UKR]
Sydney 2000
Gold-Liu Xuan [CHN]
Silver-Ekateria Lobazniouk [RUS]
Bronze-Yelena Prudunova [RUS]
Anaheim 2003
Gold-Fan Ye [CHN]
Silver-Catalina Ponor [ROM]
Bronze-Ludmila Ezhova [RUS]
Athens 2004
Gold-Catalina Ponor [ROM]
Silver-Carly Patterson [USA]
Bronze-Alexandra Eremia [ROM]
Stuttgart 2007
Gold-Nastia Liukin [USA]
Silver-Li Shanshan [CHN] 
and Steliana Nistor [ROM]
Beijing 2008
Gold-Shawn Johnson [USA]
Silver-Nastia Liukin [USA]
Bronze-Cheng Fei [CHN]
Tokyo 2011
Gold-Sui Lu
Silver-Yao Jinnan [CHN]
Bronze-Jordyn Wieber [USA]
Averaging these places we can predict our podium from this year will place
Sui Lu-20*
Yao Jinnan-14
Jordyn Wieber-11
All this goes show is how unpredictable gymnastics and beam is.  Let's cross our fingers that all the beam finalists stay on!! Good Luck to the future beam finalists in London!
*Fan Ye did not make her country's Olympic team in 2004, so Sui Lu's average placing was thrown off a little by dividing by two instead of three*

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