Thursday, June 28, 2012

If History Repeats It's Self: Part 4, Bars

Now, lets take a look at bars from the past three Olympics.
Tianjin 1999
Gold-Svetlana Khorkina [RUS]
Silver-Huang Mandan [CHN]
Bronze-Ling Jie [CHN]
Sydney 2000
Gold-Svetlana Khorkina [RUS]
Silver-Ling Jie [CHN]
Bronze-Yang Yun [CHN]
Anaheim 2003
Gold-Hollie Visa [USA]
Silver-Chellsie Memmel [USA]
Bronze-Elizabeth Tweddle [GBR]
Athens 2004
Gold-Emilie Lepennec [FRA]
Silver-Terin Humphrey [USA]
Bronze-Courtney Kupets [USA]
Stuttgart 2007
Gold-Ksenia Semenova [RUS]
Silver-Nastia Liukin [USA]
Bronze-Beth Tweddle [GBR]
Beijing 2008
Gold-He Kexin [CHN]
Silver-Nastia Liukin [USA]
Bronze-Yang Yilin [CHN]
Tokyo 2011
Gold-Viktoria Komova [RUS]
Silver-Tatiana Nabieva [RUS]
Bronze-Huang Quishuang [CHN]
So, if history repeats it's self, our top three from Tokyo (might) finish about these places this year.
Viktoria Komova-4th*
Tatiana Nabieva-4th*
Huang Quishuang-7th
Good luck to all the bar finalists in London!!
*These averages are divided by two, not three like the others.  Hollie Vise and Chellsie Memmel, the Gold and Silver medalists from Anaheim in 2003 were left off of the 2004 Athens Olympic Team.*

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