Sunday, July 22, 2012

What I Want in London (Beta Version)

Okay, London begins in like 5 days, and qualification is in a week.  I need something to post about, and so I'm going to do a list, no explications, no reasoning, just a list.  I'll go more in depth like I did here when more training videos become available.

  1. A close battle for AA Gold
  2. Jordyn Wieber to win gold in AA (My preference)
  3. McKayla Maroney to win vault gold
  4. Chuso to win a medal in her last Olympics
  5. Team U.S.A. to win gold
  6. Kyla Ross to do good in bar finals
  7. Aly to medal on floor
  8. Victoria Moors to medal on floor and crack top 10 AA (I think it's possible)
  9. Romania to take silver in TF
  10. Yao Jinnan to remind everyone it isn't just a Wieber/Komova/Mustafina/Douglas/Iordache race for AA
  11. Canada to make TF (I need this for 2 of my Fantasy Teams...)
  12. Catalina Ponor to rock beam finals again
I think that's enough for tonight:)  Also, I want to do another Devolution/Evolution post, so I need some ideas!  Tell me what you guys want me to do one on!  I think I have like one idea for that series right now, so I'm in need of some help!!

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