Friday, July 13, 2012

Internet Errors

So, the gymternet is full of bloggers, montage makers, and, unfortunately, illegitimate people trying to pass of rumors as the truth.  In this post, I thought I'd show some of the crazier errors, mess ups, or just plain lies.

1)  This article made many on the gymternet yesterday due to the way it was written, some of the "jokes", and the mockery the writer made of the sport.  I'm talking about this article on Yahoo! Sports.  I'm not saying I dislike Yahoo!, but this article was so offensive, by saying gymnastics is "not a sport, but a judged activity".  That is so demeaning and degrading to the gymnasts who train their entire life to make it to the Olympics.  If it wasn't a sport, it wouldn't be in the Olympics!  Also, it is very hard to win a gymnastics medal, so why doesn't this writer try it, if it is so easy?

2)Yahoo! Sports also posted this^ on a profile for Vault World Champion McKayla Maroney.  Yes, Mckayla weighs 160 pounds.  She must have large muscles, everywhere.  While I'm pretty sure this is a typo,(I mean I hope it is, and someone out there thinks that McKayla weighs 160 pounds,not the more reasonable 106) it still belongs here.

3.Victoria Moors tweeted this.
She attached this picture to go with it.
No worries though, Wikipedia must have seen there error, and now correctly says her birthday is November 5, 1996.

That's all for now, if you see more errors, and I know there is tons more, that you would like me to post, I'll try to do a post like this every time I gather a couple of errors to write about! 


  1. I cannot believe that even after seeing a photo of Mckayla that they didn't double-take writing 160 and never spotted it when looking over it- which you know, you'd hope they do!

    Another one on a blog I saw was that the amanar will be banned next quad because it has an unfair advantage.

    Aside from that, Mo Huilan's wiki had a hilarious edit that she celebrated successfully performing the Mo Salto in competition that she bought a leopard from the local zoo, boiled it in a pot and ate it Brilliant, it's edited now but I have the proof on my blog. Not a 'mistake' as such or uninformed rubbish but probably the funniest esit I've ever seen.

    1. I know! What kinda proof reading system do they have? Can you link those other errors? I'll save them for another post:)

    2. I am not that great at screenshots..

      I can't find the other one at all, I thought the link was gymnastics101.blogspot, chance it could be deleted as it did get attention elsewhere after that clanger!