Monday, July 2, 2012

Our US Olympic Team

Gabby Douglas, McKayla Maroney, Aly Raisman, Kyla Ross, Jordyn Wieber.

What's the same between the 5?  They'll be wearing the red, white, and blue (and hopefully no #hotpink) in 26 days.  These are the USA Women's Gymnastics Olympic Team.

Gabby Douglas won trials, reestablishing herself as a serious threat for gold on London.  I just found out her score, which was a huge, world class 62.05, which easily would've won any AA world championship this quad.  the scoring was everywhere, so I highly doubt she'll score this high in London.
What I see her doing in London-AA Final, UB Final, UB, and possibly VT and FX in team final, battling with Aly for vault and McKayla for floor.
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McKayla Maroney proved that she can come back from adversity and do amazing things with one week of training.  I hit my head against a chair, because I was in complete shock that her vault is so perfect, even though I've seen it 83756287 times.  I think she is a serious contender for vault gold, and is for sure the one to beat!
What I see her doing in London-VT Final, and Vault in TF

Aly Raisman- By far the most consistent performer in the US, I think no one was surprised when her name was announced.  She showed Marta time and time again that she can compete under pressure and doing in an amazing manner.  Her tumbling is out of this world, and I think she'll finally be able to put up a good fight for gold there.
What I see her doing in London-BB Final, FX Final, and BB, FX, and battling Gabby for VT in Team Final.

Kyla Ross-The baby of the team, she had a great night.  Her lines are gorgeous, and maybe spending weeks with Kyla will be good for the other girls, because hopefully sticking is contagious.  No one sticks better than her.  I think she'll shine internationally, because of her lines.  I hope she continues after this year, a la Bridget Sloan 2009.
What I see her doing in London=UB Final, UB and BB in Team Final

Jordyn Wieber-The reigning world AA Champion, it was no surprise that she'll be able to fight to defend it in London.  I think it was surprising Gabby surpassed her, Jo really needs to hit those connections on beam.  When she does, I think they'll be beautiful.  I hope she hits them in London.  On the bright side, she hit bars two days in a row her, the best I've seen from her in a while.
What I see her doing in London-AA Final, BB Final, FX Final, and AA in the Team Final

I think this a really strong team, with the potential to do great things.  I'll post about routines from night 1 and night 2, when I'm not sleeping over a friend's house and it's not almost 1 AM.  Congrats to the girls and coaches.  Go Team USA!!

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