Monday, September 30, 2013

World's Wish List

I woke up this morning and it was World's!  World's started at 4 AM this morning and it's been an eventful morning!  King Kohei seems poised to carry his winning streak into this quad and the men's field is very deep considering the injuries on the women's side.  Much like I did last year, I am writing my World's Wishlist!  Let me know what you agree with!
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1. Success for Maroney
Sometimes I feel like the only one that's happy that McKayla is doing AA.  Let me restate that, I'm happy McKayla is getting this opportunity but I hate the way it was executed by Marta.  She shouldn't have strung Brenna along like that and I feel so bad for her, but I'm excited for McKayla.  Marta is looking ahead to Rio, and this year really is the perfect for Maroney to get international experience in the AA.  I want Maroney to hit her sets, and just prove to everyone that she's not a 1 trick pony.
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2. An Intense Fight for the AA Title
In sports, blowout wins are fun for about 2 minutes, then it gets boring.  The close competitions are the ones you can watch over and over easier than the blowouts.  I really loved watching the 2011 World All Around Final and I've watched that one more times than the 2010 World All Around Final, just because of how intense it was!  The clear favorites are obviously Simone Biles of the US and Aliya Mustafina of Russia, and here's hoping it's a close race for the top of the podium!
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3. For Hong Un Jong to NOT to Throw the TTY
I have nothing against Hong Un Jong and I don't really care who gets the TTY named after them, but I hope for Jong's safety that she doesn't throw it!  Her Amanars have really scared me recently because she is not rotating enough and I can not see her getting a extra half twist in that vault.  I see a scary knee injury in her future, and I don't want her to get hurt.
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4. Larisa Iordache To Rock It
I have a soft spot for Larisa because she reminds me of old-school Romanians that I miss so much!  I feel so bad that she was so hyped up and then had a bad Olympics due to injury.  I really hope she can prove herself this year.  So many people have written her out for the AA podium, and I hope she can prove those of people wrong.
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5. Success for the US Men
USA has been known as a women's powerhouse for quite some time, and the men haven't had the same success that the women have.  I hope that they can have a breakthrough year and come home with some hardware.  Also, I hope they start something they can build on for the quad to come!
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6. Diversity
The sport has obviously been controlled by the "Big 4" superpowers for some time now and one of the best things about the year after the Olympics is some of the other countries get a share of the medals also!  It's pretty common knowledge that I'm a HUGE Victoria Moors fan, and would love it for her to make the AA final (she was placed in the vault lineup earlier today) and a floor medal!  Her upgraded set included a DDLO and I hope she can find her way onto the floor podium!  Also, Yamilet Pena's vaulting is improved and if she lands it, I hope she can make the posium there!  All in all, it's a great year for some adversity among the medalists, so I hope we see some of that thi year!
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7. A Safe Healthy Competition For All
The lead up to World's this year has been filled with injuries.  Some of the bests in the world are sitting on the sidelines with injuries, especially on the Russian front.  Here's hoping all of the injuries are out of the way and the gymnasts who have survived to make it to Antwerp all leave in the same number of pieces they came in!

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