Monday, September 16, 2013

My Opinion on the 2013 US World's Team

They US World's team was announced last night, as everyone knows... (Just a few examples)

The gymnasts selected ( as everyone also knows) was...
Simone Biles
Brenna Dowell
McKayla Maroney 
Kyla Ross

Simone Biles, McKayla Maroney and Kyla Ross were all givens going into the selection camp barring injury, and there were several contenders for the last spot, a UB/BB position, as Simone and Kyla are doing AA and McKayla is competing VT/FX.  I really love Brenna, but her best events are not bars and beam.  She excels on floor, and her amanar isn't as bad as we've seen before.  This year's world team, like every team, is a puzzle, and in my opinion, Brenna doesn't fit into this puzzle.  Maybe this is my bias for Peyton Ernst coming through, but I believe she, Abby Millet or Elizabeth Price would've made a better fit on the team this year, especially Peyton or Abby for experience for a team final setting next year, as both of them have very little international experience.  I believe they fit into this puzzle better than Brenna Dowell.  

Regardless, I think this is a really strong team that'll be really successful in Antwerp.  Congrats to all the girls!

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