Friday, September 13, 2013

Predicting The 2013 Podiums

If you've been reading my blog a while, you know that I love to use scores to analyze and speculate.  So, I thought it would be fun to use the nominative lists and average the top 3 scores from the this season of the top All Arounders and top 5 for each event, this way placings are not messed up due to an outstanding meet.  *Note: I understand the nominative lists are NOT official, and I will not be using anyone who has been confirmed that they will not compete.*

All Around
Gold: Simone Biles 60.32
Silver: Kyla Ross 59.63
Bronze: Aliya Mustafina 58.927
Fourth: Larisa Iordache 58.06
Fifth:  Giulia Steingruber 57.344

This is an interesting podium.  It is interesting to note, however, that scores were used from domestic meets, which skews with the averages as some domestic scores are inflated and others are reduced.  Personally, I wouldn't mind this podium, although I would love to Iordache on the podium.

Gold: McKayla Maroney 15.42
Silver: Simone Biles 15.41
Bronze: Giulia Steingruber 14.804

I really like this podium honestly.  Also note other medal contenders have not competed 3 times this year, so I could not find 3 scores to average, so this may not be close to how it plays out in Antwerp.  Also, on average, I didn't realize Simone Biles and McKayla Maroney were .1 apart.  The vault final this year should be really interesting.

Gold: Yao Jinnan 15.389
Silver: Kyla Ross 15.433
Bronze: Aliya Mustafina 15.211

Looking at this podium, it's weird.  Aliya Mustafina, the Olympic Champion in bronze, getting beaten by Kyla Ross?  Not many people would've predicted that.  In fact, many said if Kyla was to place, the favorites would have to make mistakes due to her difficulty, however here she is in silver.  Again, home scoring comes into play, but we'll see come Antwerp.

Gold: Larisa Iordache 15.480
Silver: Kyla Ross 14.867
Bronze:  Aliya Mustafina 14.633

There is no surprise here that Larisa Iordache is on top of the podium here.  As the two Chinese Olympic medallists here have both sadly moved on, she currently holds the second highest beam score of the year, behind only Katelyn Ohashi, who has been out most of this year with a shoulder injury.  Again, we see Kyla Ross on top of Aliya Mustafina, a recurring theme here based off of yearly averages.  Again, home scoring is involved, and may be a little skewed, but it all depends on who hits their set that day.

Gold: McKayla Maroney 15.12
Silver: Simone Biles 14.97
Bronze: Larisa Iordache 14.9

Wow podium is SO close!  Of course, the obvious question is "Where's Sandra?"  We haven't seen her much this season, and I couldn't find scores for her.  It is SO close between Simone Biles and Larisa Iordache, while Maroney holds a .2 lead over them, which is equivalent to 2 minor landing deductions.  This is going to be a REALLY close and interesting final!

So there are season averages for the top rated athletes in the world.  Of course, this is only top 3 scores and anything can happen, so take these averages with a grain of salt.  It will all depend on who hits her sets on the day it all matters.  I would like to give a HUGE thank you to Uncle Tim who has a great list of top scores, where I got a lot of my information from, so thank you Uncle Tim!


  1. Hey I think you have a typo in your bars final because currently Kyas has a higher score the yao but is listed as getting second to her. But super awesome list!

  2. Thank you for pointing it out! I'll fix it once I'm home!

    Sandra izbasa- 15 600