Friday, January 2, 2015

The Impact of USA's New Seniors

Now that some big names are officially FIG Eligible, USA has some big decisions to make about the team they will send to the 2015 World Championships in Glasgow, Scotland from October 23 to November 1.  While the USA has always been praised for their depth, the number of World Championship caliber athletes increases exponentially with the additions of the new seniors.  I've outlined all the new seniors to see where they could potentially impact the World Team Picture.

Nia Dennis 
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Nia Dennis, from Buckeye Gymnastics, is a talented all arounder, with her strength being on bars and beam.  I am absolutely obsessed with her lines on bars, and her tchatchev is sky high.  She will look to make a difference on this event, but with a slew of talented bar workers this quadrennium, she will need a couple of upgrades to break into a world's line up.  Her beam is also pretty when she hits, which features a high, flighty Arabian.    Also, I love her floor choreography, and she puts together four difficult passes.  She could factor on that event as well, however it will be hard with the return of Aly Raisman. However, consistency will be a factor for her, and she must learn to control her nerves in order to make a splash this year. Many are excited for her senior debut, myself included!

Jessica Frankl

Bailie Key
The most anticipated new senior in this field, Bailie Key was on fire two years ago.  Winning every possible All Around title in 2013, Key was poised to continue her junior dominance in 2014.  After winning 4 golds and 2 silvers at the Pacific Rim Championships, many were excited to see her repeat as Junior National Champion.  However, an elbow injury forced Key to the sidelines, making her 2015 Senior debut even more anticipated.  Key is a true All Arounder, and is expected to make the podium at this year's National Championship.  In order to compete with reigning National Champion, Key will need some upgrades.  Her current program, maxes out at a 23.7 difficulty, with her highest difficulty on beam.  Se does have planed upgrades and will more than likely make the world team as an all arounder.  Consistency has always been a strong point for her, and I am excited to see her shine as a senior!

USA Gymnastics 
Alexis Vasquez
Alexis Vasquez is one of Chow's four elites and one of the newer elites.  Vasquez, like all Chow athletes is exceptionally strong on beam, and will look to make her bid for the World Championship on this event.  Winning this event at Nationals was huge for her confidence, however, she will need major upgrades elsewhere in order to make splash as a senior.  She has tons of room to upgrade on bars, and the construction of her current routine makes tons of connections possible.  What skills and grace she has on beam, she lacks in power on floor and vault.  She vaults a Yurchenko full, which is another area in which an upgrade is possible.  She does not have the same experience as the others, as this is her first year on the National Team and has never competed internationally.  Look for her to make the Jesolo team and potentially the Pan American Games team in order to gain experience.  


  1. Exciting stuff!! Bailie's my personal favorite out of the three, but Nia is AH-mazing as well and I think Alexis has a lot of potential and may surprise us all. I didn't realize she was that old though! She's older than Norah??

    1. agreed, I personally love Bailie and have since 2012. Yes, I didn't realize Alexis was older than Norah until this summer, but am excited to see more of her, beam has become a little weak for us and can't wait to see what she can offer! I'm very excited about the state of USA gymnastics over the next two years!

  2. Can't wait to watch bailie; her armarar is coming around. Her floor is like watching; a Russian finesse. Her bb beam is suburd with upgrades and consistently. She can not only challenge Simone; but I believe, by nationals: she can beat her. This girl is the real deal. You don't score upper 58 to mid 59 s as a jrs for no reason. The international judge like her

  3. On gymnastike's chows beyond the routine alexis vasques was training a DTY and on floor a double double