Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Gymternet Friends are the Best Friends

The gymternet is the greatest place to talk about gymnastics with people who know what they're talking about. It's a great place to meet people with the same interests as you. So for a late Thanksgiving post, I wanted to thank my gymternet friends.

Kim and Kathleen
What can I say about our friendship other than it is the most amazing thing ever? I love our oovoo sessions, texts and jam sessions and I'm still waiting for movie week. I love both of you so much and will always be there for my Mac and Aly:)

Ash and Britt
Thank you both so much for everything, I know I say that a lot but it's true. You guys helped me get started, made my banner and were always there to help. Being able to talk with other twins is always great, especially when they know exactly what your going through. Love you both.

Thanks so much for all of the conversations, encouragement and always being there to talk to, especially when I really needed it after the incident at my school football game and the storm. I'm so thankful I'm able to help finance you trip to Kenya in any way I can; no one deserves it more!

Thanks for being an awesome role model to bloggers like me who are just starting out, and always making me laugh with your awesome tweet.

Hannah and Dylan
Thanks for sharing the amazing philosophy that Canada is perfect, and thanks for giving me the opportunity to be in your wedding:)

To Savannah
Thank you for your concern always, it's always appreciated. Thanks for all of the DMs:)

To all the gymnasts who follow me
Thank you for never failing to make me scream when I see that I have an extraordinary new follower, so thank you Marissa Beucler, McKenzie Wofford, Shawn Johnson, Vasiliki Millousi, Haylee Roe, Simone Biles, Kayla Williams, Brittany Wenzel, Sydney McGlone, Emer Hults (Nica's Mom), Bayle Pickel, Savannah Scherling, Laurie Hernandez, The Real Tim Shady, Tasha Schwikert, Nastia Nochevnaya, and Lexie Priessman!

To all my followers
Thank you so much for everything, following, reading my blog, and just being awesome, I love each and everyone of my 547 followers<3 data-blogger-escaped-br="br" data-blogger-escaped-did="did" data-blogger-escaped-happen="happen" data-blogger-escaped-oah="oah" data-blogger-escaped-that="that" data-blogger-escaped-when="when">
So thank you gymternet, I am the most thankful for you this past Thanksgiving.


  1. I'm sorry that I've been horrible to most people before but I want to make friends with you and everyone (the world gymnast)

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