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Interview with Amelia Hundley

Amelia Hundley is the newest senior gymnast from Cincinnati Gymnastics Academy.  After standing out in the first two Nastia Liukin Cups as a energetic, talented young gymnast.  Now at sixteen, Hundley is entering her first year as a senior with an impressive junior resume.  In 2013 alone, Hundley became the National Champion on bars, and brought the bronze in the All Around and on floor, won second place All Around at Classics, as well as taking home medals on bars and floor.  After an ankle injury sidelined her for the early season meets, Hundley is ready to compete as a senior in 2014. 
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1. You were in the first two Nastia Liukin Cups, did those competitions help prepare you for elite competitions? If so, how?
Being in the first two Nastia cups I think did help me prepare for elite. Just because it's a big arena with a huge crowd on podium. It feels like you are competing at Classics or Championships almost. So I definitely feel like that helped prepare me for competing as an elite!

2. Over the past few decades, Cincinnati Gymnastics Academy has established itself as one of the most powerful gyms in the country.  Do you feel there is a lot of pressure on you and the current CGA gymnasts to keep the legacy alive?
 I have never really felt pressure from trying to keep the legacy alive. I just grew up at CGA always wanting to be an elite gymnast and now that I am there I just want to be the best I can.
3. Last year, Gymnastike came to your gym to film a Beyond the Routine documentary.  What was that experience like?
When Gymnastike came in to film it was really fun. It's cool for other people to see what training is like and our daily routine is.
4. What was your the 2009 Junior Japan Meet like, and how does it compare to other International Competitions you've competed in?
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When I went to Japan in 2009 it was probably one of my favorite international assignments. It was my first assignment so I didn't really know what to expect. But once we got there we had so much fun!

5. The friendship between you and Lexie Preissman is well publicized in the gymnastics world.  What is it like to compete and train with and without Lexie?
Lexie and I have been so close ever since we started the sport when we were about 4 years old. We have been best friends ever since. We have always helped each other in workouts. Like if we need a pick me up or some encouraging words we can always help each other. We are competitive but in a healthy way like if we see one of us taking steps forward then that pushes the other person to work hard. Were always happy for each other no matter what the outcome is. 
6. You have committed to the University of Florida.  How did you make that decision and did you visit any other colleges? 
Yes I am so excited to go to The University of Florida! I visited Georgia and Alabama before visiting Florida. I love the coaches and all the girls there. I just felt like I fit in the best at Florida.
7. Last year was your last year as a junior, which ended with a third place All Around and a National title on bars.  Do you think those results will help you this year at the senior level? 
Doing so well and getting the placement that I did at Championships last year as a junior, I think will help me going into the senior division. Just having that title is such an honor and having that little extra confidence is a plus.
8. Can you describe your current injury?
I am coming back from an ankle surgery right now. Over the last year I have sprained this ankle a few times and every time it would just get a little worse. It would get really swollen and would hurt. The last time I did it we decided that if we need to get something done then now is the time. So it all happened so fast I got called in to an ankle specialist do to a cancelation and they decided that it was going to happen at the end of that week. My ankle was really loose and junky. So they went in scraped out all the junk. They put in a cadaver tendon to tighten it. And cleaned out the rest. They called it ankle reconstruction. It's doing very well right now and should come back stronger than before. 
9. When do you think you will be back into full training and full competition?
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It has taken me about four months to be fully recovered. I am practically back to normal right now. I am full tumbling and vaulting into soft surfaces. I am doing a lot of therapy to try to get it stronger to take the harder landings when it's time. I mean my ankle has it's days but it is feeling pretty good for the most part.
10. What are your goals heading into your fist senior year? 
Going into the senior division this year. I just want to look more mature and precise than I was before. I want to show that I can play with the big guys. I want to make the national team. But the big goal this year would to make the world team.

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