Thursday, February 14, 2013

Throwback Thursday- February 14, 2009

Part of the excitement of a new quad is the excitement and anxiety of what's to come in the long road to Rio.  So, I thought on a weekly post, I would look back to that day in the previous quad.  *Disclaimer* Not all events will be on that day.  I am trying to find the biggest news story within a week.  It is pretty impossible to find a huge news story on that exact day in recent history.

On this day, (2/16/09)
The new quad had just started and NCAA season was in full swing.  Week 6 had just ended, with University of Utah topping the National Standings with an Average Score of 196.732, followed by University of Georgia with an average of 196.546.  UCLA, Stanford, and Auburn round out the top five.  These rankings are SO different then this year, with only one of these teams (UCLA) in the top five now.  In other news the gym world was abuzz waiting to see which lucky city would be announced host to American Cup, which would soon be announced a week later.

So, that's our connection to the 2009-2012 quad this week.  Stay tuned for another Throwback Thursday next week!


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