Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Power House Gyms

There are those gyms every one in the world knows about (cough WOGA cough), but what about the gyms that are quickly coming out of the shadow and showing the US population that they have what it takes to be a power house.

Texas Dreams
Texas Dreams currently has one of the largest elite teams in the country.  Currently training in their gym are 2 senior elites, Kennedy Baker and Kiana Winston, both of which were first year seniors in 2012.  Kennedy qualified to the 2012 Olympic Trials and placed 8th all around.  There are 3 brand new seniors, Arriana Guerra, Macy Toronjo, and Peyton Ernst.  Arriana Guerra placed 12 among the juniors in 2012, while Macy Toronjo scratched at classics due to injury,therefore not making it to nationals, and Peyton Ernst tied for seventh with Nia Dennis, with the top 6 making national team.  Texas Dreams also is home to the "babies" of the elite gym scene, Nica Hults, who turms senior in 2014.  She placed ninth at nationals in 2012, and Bailie Key, who turns 16 in 2015.  She made the national team this year after placing fourth at nationals.  This gym is one of the most talked about on twitter, and we are all very excited to see what they do this quad!

WOGA gets a lot of hype because of Hollie, Carly, Nastia, Becca, and the stellar level 10 program they have established, but what about Brestyans?  They came pretty much out of nowhere (much like Aly Raisman in 2010 might I add) and have determined themselves as a powerhouse in my opinion.  Alicia Sacramone and Aly Raisman have shown everyone what Mihai and Slyvia Brestyan can do.  They really have done a great job instilling confidence in their athletes, and also have a stellar level 10 program.  I see nothing but more greatness from this gym this quad.

AOGC has definitely come out these past two quads as a gym to watch.  They brought McKayla Maroney to the Olympics (although she obviously didn't start her career there), and they also were the club gym of Mattie Larson and Sammy Shapiro.  They are definitely climbing through the ranks of the gym world and coming out with more and more elites that can be useful for the USA.  There level 10s are among the best in the country (Nicki Shapiro) and have some young gymnasts climbing through the ranks that show a lot of promise.  They will definitely be one to watch this quad.

I hope everyone has a happy and healthy hew year and quad!


  1. Who would you say are the other powerhouse gyms - as in already established? GAGE and WOGA could be some I guess, and perhaps Parkettes? Who else do you think?

  2. I would say GAGE, WOGA, Parkettes definitely and I personally would throw in Chows, because everyone in the US knows about Chows and their still on the rise.

  3. WOGA is still HUGE in the international coaching community, I'm wondering if Chows will get the same recognition as well.


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